More than 10% of our staff are committed to Research & Development. After all, our focus is on development and improvement. We believe that this can only be achieved by keeping ahead and being familiar with the latest and best techniques in the area of product and process development. We have specialists on staff that enable us to perform every step of the development process. This ensures short lines of communication and retention of knowledge and is beneficial in terms of efficiency and time savings.


We are happy to share our knowledge with our customers, and that is how we arrive at best and most innovative solutions. Sometimes these are seemingly straightforward improvements, but we also work in close collaboration on the development of entirely new potential applications, a process that often involves intense, long-term projects. This cooperative approach makes it possible to provide custom solutions for each project, while maintaining the highest quality. Whatever the challenge, we will find a solution. We do this as partners, your company and ours.


Over the years, Surface Treatment has developed a number of proprietary processes such Surlon KE and Greenversion. Moreover, Surface Treatment has developed several customer-specific applications.

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